SPIDA® Software Announces SPIDAstudio Platform with Revolutionary Upgrades to SPIDAmin

Gahanna, OH – June 27, 2018 – SPIDA Software, the first Structure Management System for utilities and the industry leader in structural analysis software, is excited to introduce SPIDAstudio – a next generation cloud-based platform that bundles together SPIDA’s powerful pole analysis capabilities, central storage of SPIDAcalc designs, and SPIDAmin Asset Management software.

Supporting the industry’s commitment to infrastructure initiatives, SPIDAstudio moves the heavy-lifting of structural analysis to a cloud-based platform. From one pole to a utility’s entire overhead system, SPIDAstudio provides the horsepower needed to quickly analyze overhead infrastructure models in minutes, and then centrally stores them for review and retrieval. SPIDAstudio is equipped to handle a variety of projects such as system hardening initiatives, broadband expansion projects, or simply augmenting design tools. Additionally, SPIDAstudio interconnects with other enterprise tools, such as GIS and Graphic Work Design to enhance and streamline existing processes.

The launch of SPIDAstudio also showcases a brand-new user interface for SPIDAmin, an application to centrally manage large programs, including asset-level activities, and documents the lifecycle of assets. Built initially to help utilities manage the complex challenges associated with pole attachments and joint use, SPIDAmin Brings Calm to the Chaos and includes these all-new, feature-rich enhancements:

  • An expanded set of ready-to-use, preconfigured workflows to manage pole attachments, pole transfers, make ready, and safety violations – all included at no additional cost.
  • New user interface featuring an updated dashboard and an interactive Table View allowing for simultaneous editing across many projects, with ease.
  • Streamlined communication and real-time alerts for pole owners, attachers, and contractors – eliminating unnecessary emails and lost conversations.
  • Out-of-the-box reporting and robust APIs for instantaneous, data-driven decision making.


By introducing SPIDAstudio and re-investing in the future with SPIDAmin, SPIDA is providing our clients with cost-effective solutions that take the struggle out of the day-to-day activities associated with joint use and asset management. With this release, we’ve improved our implementation timeframes and are proud and confident that the new SPIDAstudio will help bridge the gap between utilities and their assets,” said Brett Willitt, Vice President of SPIDA Software.

For additional information, or to request a no-obligation demonstration, visit https://www.spidasoftware.com/solutions/spidastudio.

About SPIDA Software
Serving the electric and telecommunication industries since 2007, SPIDA Software’s cost-effective Structure Management System is a unique platform developed to create a digital twin of utility overhead systems and a centralized portal for the coordination of activities including joint use and engineering. The platform includes SPIDAcalc, the industry’s leading structural analysis software, and SPIDAstudio, the first-ever scalable, on-demand platform for the oversight of activity, analysis, and management of asset structural health. SPIDA Software’s solutions are developed and supported by a knowledgeable, passionate staff with extensive industry experience.

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