Company Profile

Established in 2007, SPIDAWEB, LLC offers facilities-based electric and telecommunications providers:

  • Software solutions
  • Data management strategies
  • Consulting services

Today, there are more than 135 million utility poles in service across the United States, however there are no platforms on the market specifically focused on the poles and the processes surrounding them. As a result, utilities and pole attachers have developed in-house or purchased select software applications that are limited to functions pertaining to utility poles or their associated processes. It is SPIDA’s mission to change this.

The team at SPIDA offers a unique mix of expertise and traits with a shared, common bond in our engineering and utility roots. That’s what sets SPIDA apart from the others — we’ve been there. We have worked in or served the industry for years helping design, engineer and manage utility infrastructure. We understand the needs of the industry and appreciate the demands of our users. We know, above all else, that software must solve a problem but should be easy to use and improve organization performance.

Vision Statement

Empower our customers with proven, cost-effective software for sustaining the structural health of every distribution and transmission pole