SPIDA® is excited to introduce the newest release of SPIDAcalc v8.0.

Introducing SPIDAcalc v8.0


Gahanna, Ohio May 15, 2023 — SPIDA®, a Bentley company, the enterprise solution provider that helps electric utilities, telecommunications companies, and contractors model, analyze, and manage overhead infrastructure assets, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release of SPIDAcalc v8.0. This release showcases a brand new automated vertical clearance evaluation as well as terrain modeling enhancements, providing users with a complete pole line design solution. 

The new automated vertical clearance functionality assists designers in real time as they evaluate vertical clearances, enabling analysis results in seconds. Featuring a configurable rules engine, SPIDAcalc provides users with the flexibility needed to align with varying safety codes and design standards. This transformative launch lands at a pivotal moment, as the utility industry expresses intense interest in pole infrastructure stemming from investments in broadband and grid resilience initiatives. 

The enhanced terrain functionality allows users to import terrain data from user-defined data sets or from national service databases, allowing designers to better model rights of way. In addition, multiple environmental regions can be defined along a span, including custom environments, and multiple terrain layers can be used to show changes throughout the design process.  

“This release is an evolutionary step that incorporates automated clearance evaluation and terrain modeling within SPIDAcalc, positioning SPIDA and Bentley at the forefront of grid modeling and analysis of such critical assets,” said Brett Willitt, General Manager of SPIDA. 

To learn more about SPIDAcalc v8.0, request the demo webinar recording here or visit the SPIDAcalc webpage here.

Introducing SPIDAcalc v8.0, with enhanced Clearance and Terrain functionality

Efficiently designing existing or new overhead systems is now easier than ever with the launch of SPIDAcalc v8.0 from SPIDA, the complete pole loading solution. In this webinar, learn how the new release features automated vertical clearance evaluations, improved terrain functionality and enhanced reporting. Professional Engineer, Lauren Sebastian will demo each new feature and host a Q&A session for any and all questions.

During the webinar, you will learn about;

  • The general functionality of SPIDAcalc
  • The new and improved features of SPIDAcalc v8.0 including Clearances and Terrain
  • How utilizing SPIDAcalc empowers you to build a better grid


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