SPIDA® Software is excited to announce that we have been acquired by Bentley Systems, Incorporated.

Bentley Systems Announces Acquisition of SPIDA,
Leader in Utility Pole Structure Management


To Extend OpenUtilities’ Grid Resilience Digital Twins to the Last Mile!


EXTON, Pa. – June 14, 2021 – Bentley Systems, Incorporated (Nasdaq: BSY), the infrastructure engineering software company, today announced the acquisition of SPIDA Software, developers of specialized software for the design, analysis, and management of utility pole systems. Founded in 2007 in Columbus, Ohio, SPIDA offers modeling, simulation, and data management software solutions to electric and communications utilities, and their engineering services providers, in the U.S. and Canada. The integration of SPIDA within Bentley’s OpenUtilities engineering software and grid digital twin cloud services will help address the challenges of transitioning to new renewable energy sources including for electric vehicle charging, of joint usage of utility poles to support broadband networks’ 5G expansion, and of modernizing and hardening the electric grid to maintain reliability and resilience.

Grid digital twins can provide utilities with immersive and engineering-accurate geospatial representations of their transmission and distribution assets, combining intelligent network and structural analysis with as-operated 3D and 4D physical reality. Bentley’s OpenUtilities grid digital twin solutions enable operators and power producers to evaluate grid trade-offs and opportunities, now spanning traditional and renewable sources and energy storage, as they provision services to meet demand. Digital twins advance asset health management by converging IT, OT, and ET (engineering modeling and simulations) to leverage infrastructure IoT data sources and predictive analytics for improved safety, performance, and reliability. With the incorporation of SPIDA, the reach of grid digital twins can now extend to the utility pole networks and structures, which deliver the environmentally vulnerable “last mile” of critical infrastructure for vital energy and communications.

Leading electric utilities including Ameren, EPCOR, Nashville Electric Service (NES), and Southern California Edison (SCE), engineer the effectiveness and resilience of their overhead systems by applying SPIDA’s software. SPIDA’s utility pole solutions include SPIDAcalc for capturing, modeling, and optimizing overhead transmission and distribution assets for structural loading; SPIDAsilk to analyze cable sag and tension design for physical and ambient properties for precise wire tension and conductor installation; and SPIDAstudio, a cloud-based platform that centrally tracks and manages the asset health and physical condition of overhead systems. “As the rapid expansion of renewable energy sources and greater demand created by electric vehicles increasingly stresses our grid infrastructure, and for 5G-enabled broadband rollout, grids’ utility poles are ‘priceless’ for sustainably advancing infrastructure,” said Alan Kiraly, senior vice president, asset and network performance, Bentley Systems. “We are very pleased to welcome our new SPIDA colleagues to Bentley Systems and to OpenUtilities, and we look forward to further integrating and globalizing SPIDA software, already known as the trusted stalwart for energy distribution engineers in their essential work to improve grid performance and resilience.”

Brett Willitt, president of SPIDA Software, said, “Our vision with SPIDA has always been to provide a complete and open solution for maintaining and improving the health and integrity of our users’ power and communication overhead infrastructure assets. Within the Bentley team, we look forward to accelerating grid digital twin solutions, which leverage our industry domain experience and incorporate SPIDA structural analyses. Existing and future SPIDA users can look forward with confidence to leveraging grid digital twins as they upgrade, modify, expand, and manage their overhead systems.” The acquisition of SPIDA Software, which is not material to Bentley’s financial results, will add 26 colleagues in North America. 7 Mile Advisors advised SPIDA’s management and shareholders in the transaction.

About Bentley Systems
Bentley Systems (Nasdaq: BSY) is the infrastructure engineering software company. We provide innovative software to advance the world’s infrastructure – sustaining both the global economy and environment. Our industry-leading software solutions are used by professionals, and organizations of every size, for the design, construction, and operations of roads and bridges, rail and transit, water and wastewater, public works and utilities, buildings and campuses, and industrial facilities. Our offerings include MicroStation-based applications for modeling and simulation, ProjectWise for project delivery, AssetWise for asset and network performance, and the iTwin platform for infrastructure digital twins. Bentley Systems employs more than 4,000 colleagues and generates annual revenues of more than $800 million in 172 countries.




SPIDA® Software Structure Management Solutions Overview

Join us next Tuesday, July 20th at 2PM EDT, for a guided tour of #SPIDA Software’s Structure Management solutions.


Request the SBS and SPIDA® Software Partnership Webinar

Request the SBS and SPIDA Software Partnership Webinar here.

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Learn More about the SBS and SPIDA® Software Partnership

This solution, based on SBS Utility DataHub™, reduces overbuild and duplicate entry of utility overhead designs.  It utilizes SBS’s robust AUD software, powered by AutoCAD, to optimize network designs while validating the designs using SPIDAcalc’s advanced nonlinear analysis methods.


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Request the NV5 Geospatial and SPIDA® Software Partnership Webinar

Request the NV5 Geospatial and SPIDA® Software Partnership Webinar. SPIDA Software, the trusted Structure Management Solution provider for utilities, telecommunication companies, and contractors, and NV5 Geospatial (formerly Quantum Spatial), North America’s largest geospatial data firm announces a new strategic partnership that brings an innovative new approach to pole and structure management, overhead inspection and analysis. Through this strategic partnership, NV5 Geospatial and SPIDA Software have developed a first-of-its-kind seamless overhead inspection and analysis solution for pole owners and stakeholders that delivers a single source of truth of overhead pole data quickly, safely, and accurately.

Request the recording of the NV5 Geospatial and SPIDA® Software Partnership Webinar here.

Risk Management Compliance Optimization

Do any of these look familiar? There’s a better way to manage your overhead infrastructure. SPIDA Software provides a path forward so that instead of reacting to each crisis as it happens, you can build long-term strategies to achieve cost-efficiency and asset health. Learn more about SPIDA’s Structure Management Solutions by clicking below.

Reduce Overbuilding, Eliminate Redundant Work, & Simplify Your Design Processes with Schneider Electric and SPIDA Software

Reduce Overbuilding, Eliminate Redundant Work, & Simplify Your Design Processes with Schneider Electric and SPIDA Software

Stretch your budget and simplify your design process utilizing an integrated solution with ArcFM from Schneider Electric and SPIDAcalc from SPIDA Software. Join us on Wednesday, March 3rd at 1:00 pm EST to learn how you can:

  • Achieve safety code compliance without overbuilding
  • Eliminate manually rebuilding designs in disparate applications
  • Improve data accuracy and eliminate as-built processes and human error
  • Reduce SAIDI reliability risks

Request the recording here.

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SBS and SPIDAⓇ Software Announce AUD and SPIDAcalc Integration

SBS and SPIDAⓇ Software Announce AUD and SPIDAcalc Integration

Powerful Integration Solution Streamlines Utility Design Workflows

Gahanna, OH, May 19th, 2021 – SPIDA Software, the trusted enterprise solution provider that utilities, telecommunication companies, and contractors use to design, analyze, and manage their overhead assets, and SBS, the leading provider of intelligent design solutions for utilities, announce a product-level integration that connects SBS’s Automated Utility Design™ (AUD) application with SPIDA Software’s SPIDAcalc structural analysis software.   

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SPIDA® Software Launches The SPIDA Software Academy

SPIDA Software Launches the SPIDA Software Academy, an online learning platform for self-guided training from SPIDA Software.

Gahanna, OH – SPIDA Software, the trusted Structure Management Solution provider for
utilities, telecommunication companies, and contractors, announces the launch of the SPIDA Software Academy –
a new approach to online learning.

Across the industry, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way organizations share knowledge and
information. While traditional face-to-face interactions have dwindled, the need for online access to resources has
never been more important. While SPIDA Software is known for its user-friendly solutions, successful adoption of
any technology starts with user education.

In response to these challenging times, SPIDA has introduced an innovative way for users to dive deeper into
SPIDA’s suite of product offerings through self-guided online courses. The SPIDA Software Academy educates
users through step-by-step instruction and video-led examples. Users can complete courses at their own pace
through hands-on exercises and quiz their knowledge upon completing a course. Additional add-ons such as live
instructor-led office hours or final exams can be included by request for an additional cost.

The online platform provides access to training courses such as:

  • SPIDAcalc Basic Functionality
    •  Getting Started with SPIDAcalc
    • Navigating the Interface
    • Working with Assemblies
    • Connectivity
  • SPIDAcalc Extended Functionality
    • Designing a Complex Project
    • Leveraging a CSV Import for Project Creation
    • Using Pole Images and Photo Tools
    • Make-Ready Design and Comparison Tools
  • SPIDAsilk Use Cases
    • Getting Started with SPIDAsilk
    • Generating Stringing Reports
    • Modeling in-line Span Equipment
  • Coming Soon
    • Troubleshooting Failing Pole Designs
    • Clearance Analysis
    • Pole Damage and Decay


“The launch of the SPIDA Software Academy is a testament of SPIDA’s commitment to our clients. Providing our
users with the resources and tools they need to succeed is our top priority”, said Alyssa Rose, Implementation
Lead at SPIDA Software. “Training is an integral part of our user’s success, so we’re excited to introduce the
academy at a time when working remotely has become the new normal”.

New courses will be added in the upcoming weeks. Request a no-obligation SPIDA Software Academy quote here,
or sign up for updates on new courses as they become available here.


About SPIDA Software

Serving the electric and telecommunication industries since 2007, SPIDA Software’s cost-effective Structure
Management System is a unique platform developed to create a digital twin of utility overhead systems and a
centralized portal for the coordination of activities including joint use and engineering. SPIDA is helping our
customers reduce risk, cost, and timelines as they build the electric grid and broadband networks of tomorrow.


Canadian Virtual ICT Forum – Powered by BICSI

Join us for the Canadian Virtual ICT Forum Powered by BICSI for a one-hour webinar on Thursday, October 29, 2020, at 2:25 EDT during the Canadian Virtual ICT Forum – Powered by BICSI as SPIDA’s President Brett Willitt presents on “Demystifying Pole Loading and Make Ready Determination”.

During this webinar, we will review pole loading and clearance considerations and highlight the differences between common industry pole loading methodologies and their impact on make ready determination and cost. Additionally, we will highlight the balance between clearances and pole loading when formulating make ready recommendations by showcasing a variety of common construction situations. Register below.

To learn more about BICSI visit their website at https://www.bicsi.org/.