We look forward to your participation in SPIDAcalc Training on August 12th and 13th. Your training group’s vital information can be found on this page. Please complete the items listed below prior to training, including watching the Module 1 Video and completing the associated form found at the bottom of the page.

Training Checklist

  1. Install and Activate the latest version of SPIDAcalc
    • Review the Getting Started document below for instructions
  2. Download and save training files to my computer
    • Click the button below to download a zip file
    • Extract the training files from the zip folder prior to training
  3. Watch the Module 1 Training Video and complete the assessment
    • Be sure to follow along with the video in your session of SPIDAcalc using the provided training file for Module 1
  4. Review the training agenda
    • Click the buttons below to view the agenda for each day


Review the agenda for Day 1 or Day 2.

Getting Started

Click below to view the instructions for installing and activating your session of SPIDAcalc before training takes place.

Training Files

Click below to download the files needed for training. You will need to save a local copy and extract any zipped files.

Who to Contact

Please contact Rob McKenzie if you have additional questions.

Email Rob

SPIDAcalc Module 1: Navigating the SPIDAcalc User Interface

After viewing the video, please complete the form below.