March 21, 2023

Gahanna, OH March 21, 2023  — SPIDA, the enterprise solution provider that helps electric utilities and telecommunications companies model, analyze, and manage overhead infrastructure assets, and ClimaTwin®, Climate Risk Intelligence for Infrastructure Digital Twins™, is proud to announce a software-as-a-service solution purpose-built for energy infrastructure and electric utilities, driven by deep integration with SPIDA®, a Bentley Company (NASDAQ: BSY).

Unlike other generic, climate-related applications with broad-based, top-down approaches spread across multiple verticals, ClimaTwin’s solution offers an asset-specific, bottom-up approach — designed by infrastructure professionals for infrastructure professionals. In energy infrastructure and electric utilities, owner-operators, engineers, and other stakeholders can now mitigate climate risks, assess adaptation actions, and prioritize resiliency spending for each individual utility pole, overhead line, transmission tower, or substation transformer, across thousands or millions of geographically-distributed assets in a power grid, utility network, or capital program.

ClimaTwin Co-founder and CEO Adam Omansky highlights “Now, with simple and secure integration to SPIDA, energy and utility stakeholders can perform complex analysis and gain actionable insights into future weather and climate extremes across millions of assets — visualizing and analyzing a broad spectrum of hazards, vulnerabilities, and risks over decades in the future, and hyper-localized down to the specific geolocation of each asset.”

General Manager of SPIDA, Brett Willitt explains “ClimaTwin’s deep integration with SPIDA now enables utility and telecommunication stakeholders, from owner-operators to engineers, to develop lifecycle digital twins and gain asset-specific insights into system risk and resilience to future weather and climate extremes. We’re excited to partner with ClimaTwin, their innovative solution addresses a mission-critical need for Bentley and SPIDA customers to future-proof their assets.”

About ClimaTwin

ClimaTwin® is a leading climate risk intelligence solution for infrastructure assets and the built environment.

We empower infrastructure stakeholders to mitigate climate risks and assess adaptation actions across the total asset lifecycle. By connecting complex climate models and infrastructure digital twins, our solution enables engineers, owner-operators, and governments to aggregate, visualize, and analyze disparate datasets, revealing site-specific insights at the hyper-local scale of assets. Benefits include 5-10x near-term returns and lifetime cost-avoidance by mitigating risks to systems, services, and societies.

To learn more about climate risk intelligence for your infrastructure assets, please visit ClimaTwin here.


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