Businesses in our industry invest in technology to improve their speed and decision-making. We get that. One of our favorite inventors, Benjamin Franklin, famously wrote, “Remember that time is money.” The right software integration can help you save both.

We’re here to help you make the most of your investment in SPIDA Software. Use integrations to develop streamlined processes, aid decision-making, avoid costly human error, and reduce the risk that comes with bad data. In doing so, you’ll get more value from your other software investments too!

We help clients leverage the value of their investments in our partners’ solutions.

Whether you’re a new or current customer, it’s easy to automate specific functions and embed SPIDA Software into your enterprise landscape.

We offer publicly available, well-documented data formats and web services for all of our products. These services are both secure and reliable, and they’re the same services we use across our entire suite of products.

Our API was constructed in such a way that nearly all data elements within SPIDAcalc and SPIDAstudio can be made available for data integration. It uses best-practice IT standards to ensure the accuracy and reliability of all SPIDA data for future applications, so you can weave a powerful web around your SPIDA products.

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What can you do
with SPIDA integration?

  • APIs for importing photos, locations, and pole data into SPIDAcalc from third-party data collection, GIS, or staking systems.
  • Export SPIDAcalc project data to third-party reporting or work management systems.
  • Access SPIDAcalc pole loading results directly from your application.
  • Manage and monitor your projects.
  • Query design storage for custom reporting.
  • Analyze pole loading and strength from any Internet-connected device using our online analysis engine.
  • Embed SPIDAcalc loading results in your application.
  • Generate design scenarios programmatically.

What’s New

What’s New

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Heartland Spring Meeting (Virtual)

SPIDA President Brett Willitt will be presenting on  Pole Loading

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2021 Smart Utility Summit November 7-9, 2021 in Ponte Verda,

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S.E.E. 2021 Virtual Annual Conference & Tradeshow June 29-July 2,

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NWPPA Virtual Engineering & Operations Conference

Come see us virtually at the NWPPA E&O Conference April

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