Incorporating Pole Loading Software into a Co-Ops Day to Day Operations


At the 2019 Cooperative Technologies Conference & Expo (CTCE), Jacob Barlow from Randolph Electric Membership Cooperative (REMC) and Tom Brandewie from SPIDA Software, discussed how REMC introduced Pole Loading Software into their operations.



Electric Cooperatives are under constant pressure to improve internal processes and increase productivity and efficiency, all the while keeping costs down and adhering to regulation changes. REMC faced a similar challenge, as they wanted to empower their stakers with the ability to make design decisions more efficiently and observe the NESC guidelines, all without continuing to over-build their overhead distribution power system. During the presentation, REMC will review the common challenges they faced, the decisions that drove them to implement a pole loading software into their operations, and the return on investment they are seeing with the time and costs benefits. Additionally, REMC will describe their “start small” implementation process when incorporating an application like SPIDAcalc into their technology mix.


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Register for a Live SPIDAcalc Demo                         Request to Free 30-Day Trial of SPIDAcalc