From collection to construction, this integration puts pole-loading models at your fingertips, and seamlessly improves your workflows. 

With the launch of broadband and 5G networks onto aging infrastructure and the impacts from increasing weather events, pole analysis tools and processes also need to be updated to meet the needs of the industry today.  The arduous task of hands-on acquisition of measurements, and then manually inputting up to a 100 data points poses physical challenges and transposition errors. On top of that, there are issues that the industry faces when trying to manage, analyze, and then make verified decisions to take action on their distribution assets.

SPIDA Software and NV5 Geospatial have partnered to develop a first-of-its-kind pole management integration that is faster, safer, has greater accuracy, more consistent results, and delivers a seamless workflow from a single source of truth.

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So, What Does it Do?

Integration Highlights

  • Automated Pole Loading Analysis
    • Analyze 1000s of poles in a matter of minutes using industry-leading, third-party verified geometric nonlinear analysis methods.  
  • Digital Twin
    • Easily model exact overhead systems 
    • Analyze designs in bulk in a matter of minutes 
    • Analyze using both traditional linear analysis and advanced geometric nonlinear analysis methods
  • Securely Integrated and Synchronized Database
    • GPS corrected pole locations
    • Up-to-date pole conditions
    • Detailed asset searching
    • Inventory of equipment
    • Synchronized systems of record for digital twin data and analysis results
  • Automated, accurate, and up-to-date measurements
    • Automate measurement processes
    • High accuracy LIDAR point clouds
    • 100’s of measurements taken at once
    • Desktop inspections
    • Up to 40,000 times faster
    • Third-party verified calculation methods
  • Workflow Management
    • Flexibility in workflow creation
    • Seamlessly manage multiple projects and processes
    • Detailed reporting
    • Complete turnkey process automation, including resolution of identified deficiencies or make ready/pole attachment
  • Connected Pole Loading Library
    • Automated pole model creation
    • Single source of pole analysis results (SPIDAcalc digital twin)
    • Better Make Ready expectations

What could this integration do for you?

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NV5 Geospatial is North America’s largest geospatial services firm, providing insights to organizations that need geospatial intelligence to mitigate risk, plan for growth, better manage resources and advance scientific understanding. We combine the widest array of advanced remote sensing technologies with proprietary processes, analytics tools, algorithms, and analysis.

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