SPIDA’s network of business partners delivers long-term, cost-effective technology for utilities and telecommunication companies of all sizes. Through integrations and enhanced support, our partner network leads the industry with innovations that help our clients leverage their technology investments through an enterprise solution.

In a rapidly changing environment, our partner network can help you adopt innovative, cost-effective solutions that dynamically respond to business and system needs to deliver real value.

Encouraging Engineers of Tomorrow

As a recognized industry leader, SPIDA Software partners with educational institutions to introduce students to T&D asset management strategies, pole loading concepts, and ways to apply these principles in a software application.

Whether it’s pole loading classes or training opportunities, SPIDA is on the forefront of preparing the next generation in the electric and telecommunication field.

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From software to technology to field services, we’ll work with you to architect, quality-control, and create a solution for our clients – together. SPIDA partners can receive access to developer trials of SPIDA software as well as additional developer support.

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NV5 Geospatial

Through this strategic partnership, NV5 Geospatial and SPIDA Software have developed a first-of-its-kind seamless overhead inspection and analysis solution for pole owners and stakeholders that delivers a single source of truth of overhead pole data quickly, safely, and accurately.

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Schneider Electric

The powerful, two-way integration between SPIDAcalc and ArcFM Designer allows utilities to validate safety code compliance of structures while managing risks and optimizing asset investments.

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This easy-to-use, yet powerful solution provides an effective way to validate designs while ensuring long-term, cost-effective, and safe performance that can withstand weather events and mitigate other risks involved with utility infrastructure.

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