SPIDA® Software, leading the way with cutting edge software products that help electric and telecommunication utilities better design, manage and track their physical assets. 

Electric utilities are constantly undergoing changes and facing challenges related to the management of their physical assets. The threat of aging infrastructures, increasing regulatory mandates and mounting employee retirements  are a few of these concerns. Not to mention the scrutiny utility companies are facing in the wake of unprecedented climate change and major storm events that push them towards quicker response time and outage management. With all these challenges, the need for better tools, strategic technology and visibility into the efficiency and physical condition of their system has never been more crucial than now.
SPIDA Software’s Structure Management System provides a unique blend of asset management and structure analysis within a centralized platform that allows utilities to simplify everyday tasks, such as asset inspections, engineering and joint use attachment administration. The Structure Management System is driven by SPIDA’s innovative products, SPIDAMin Asset Administration Software, SPIDACalc Structure Analysis Software and SPIDA DB Data Storage Software.

SPIDACalc utilizes its powerful, nonlinear finite-element analysis engine to perform comprehensive pole loading, pole strength, and guying analyses. The analyses are ran against a variety of safety standards including the National Electrical Safety Code, California’s GO95 and Canada’s CSA standards.

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Take control of your SPIDA data! SPIDA is pleased to launch the latest innovation in the world of pole loading and structure management – SPIDA DB. SPIDA DB simplifies the way utilities store, manage and access asset data.

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SPIDAMin is a web-based, workflow driven application with configurable project management tools to coordinate utility activities including pole attachments and field inspection programs.

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SPIDA Products can be deployed independently or as an enterprise suite. Contact a sales representative for more information about our products!