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SPIDACalc Structure Analysis Software has revolutionized the world of pole loading and has made its mark in the utility industry. Today, SPIDACalc is implemented in over 225 companies across the United States, Canada and Caribbean. Recognized as a user-friendly software, SPIDACalc focuses on the integrity and construction of utility structures.

SPIDACalc utilizes the latest software technology and a geometric nonlinear finite-element analysis engine to drive pole loading, pole strength and guying analyses to power clearance evaluations and structural calculations. These analyses are configured to test against a variety of safety standards including the National Electrical Safety Code, California’s GO95 and Canada’s CSA standards.

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Use Cases

SPIDACalc can be used for a variety of applications both in the office and out in the field:

  • Overhead Line Design
  • System insight provided through detailed pole loading and clearance analyses
  • New and Existing Pole Attachment Evaluations
  • Guy and Anchor Analyses
  • Groundline Inspections
  • Asset Data Collection


SPIDACalc provides all the features you want, with the user-friendly interface you need and the horsepower you deserve:

  • Comprehensive analyses of pole, cross arms, insulators, guys, anchors and conductors
  • Evaluate the effects of wood decay and damage to pole structures
  • Embed photos and GPS points with pole locations
  • Integrated mapping for convenient pole siting
  • Configurable reporting tools
  • Customizable data collection forms for that ‘extra’ data
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Graphic and tabular data entry options
  • Interactive 3D pole rendering
  • Framing Wizard for fast modeling
  • Digital Pole Measuring Tool for obtaining attachment heights
  • Visual indicators of pole condition
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Engine
  • NESC, GO95 CSA and custom analysis cases
  • 360° rotation of applied winds
  • Full nonlinear, secondary moment or P-Delta calculations
  • Wire tension determination


SPIDA Software offers a variety of SPIDACalc training options that will fit the needs of any level of user.

Computer-based Training

Computer based training is convenient training for our users to seek answers quickly and learn more about SPIDA Software without leaving their office.

Instructor-led Training

Instructor-led training is a service that is offered onsite or online to fulfill the needs of new users, provide ongoing training for established users and for prospective users to learn more about SPIDA’s software functionality.