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SPIDAMin Asset Administration Software is a web-based workflow driven application designed by industry experts to help utilities manage the multitude of processes surrounding their poles and other assets.

From tracking simple notifications to managing complicated 3rd Party Attachment processes, SPIDAMin’s powerful automation tools will help standardize and streamline necessary communications between parties, track project-related FCC deadlines, collect necessary data for reporting, and much more.

SPIDAMin Asset Administration Software


Use Cases

SPIDAMin’s configurability means flexibility. Better management of any of your processes is just a workflow away:

  • Pole Attachment Requests
  • 3rd Party Work Notifications
  • 3rd Party Safety Violation Notifications
  • System Inspections and Audits
  • Routine Maintenance Tracking
  • Storm Restoration Coordination
  • Hardening and Reliability Planning
  • Advanced Route Reviews


SPIDAMin features are designed to provide value in the most user-friendly way possible:

  • A web-application to facilitate, track, automate, and streamline your organization’s projects and processes
  • Map-based experience including display of utility assets, GIS map layers and project work areas, with seamless connection to ESRI map and asset services
  • Hub for 3rd party attachers to submit and carry out pole attachment requests through to completion
  • Automate project communications, including 3rd party
  • Store all project-related forms and files in one convenient place
  • Track and store all project statuses and events
  • Require and capture all necessary project information
  • Seamless SPIDACalc and SPIDA DB integration
  • Powerful searching and reporting tools
  • Project logs section which records all events, actions, completed forms, and users associated with projects
  • Robust and comprehensive user permissions controls access to projects
  • Powerful, analytical data mining drive reports and queries
  • Can be implemented on top of existing utility databases


SPIDA Software offers a variety of SPIDAMin training options that will fit the needs of any level of user:

Computer-based Training

Computer based training is convenient training for our users to seek answers quickly and learn more about SPIDA Software without leaving their office.

Instructor-led Training

Instructor-led training is a service that is offered onsite or online to fulfill the needs of new users, provide ongoing training for established users and for prospective users to learn more about SPIDA’s software functionality.