Instructor-Led Training

Instructor-led training is recommended for those seeking a comprehensive review of our software products. Our two most common types of training are onsite and online. The goal for all four training options is to fulfill the needs of new users, provide ongoing training for established users and for prospective users to learn more about SPIDA’s software functionality. SPIDA trainers work with the client prior to the training to set the training agenda to meet the specific user’s needs and utility standards.

Types of Instructor-Led Training Offered:


A SPIDA training instructor will provide remote instruction via a web conferencing service.

A SPIDA training instructor leads the training class at the client’s office or nearby meeting space. SPIDA typically recommends 1.5 to 2 days of training with a ratio of 1 instructor per 10 students.

Instructor-led training is conducted at an industry-related conference/expo or at the request of a client at their training facility where other local companies are welcome to attend. If interested, please inquire for more information.
SPIDA Facility

A SPIDA training instructor leads a training class at SPIDA’s training facility in Columbus, Ohio.

Product-Specific Training Options

SPIDAcalc Instructor-Led Training

Account Administrator Training

Recommended Account Administrator Training: 4 hours online or 0.5 days onsite

A SPIDAcalc Account Administrator is the main contact between the client’s company and SPIDA. These individuals are typically in the IT department, a department manager or simply the SPIDA user. The Account Administrator is responsible for accurately installing and activating SPIDAcalc, maintaining the engineering values located in the Client Editor module, and receiving future software release notifications. Account Administrator training will walk through the process of properly installing and activating SPIDAcalc, demonstrate how to install and active future software updates for their users, review the layout of the Client Editor module for maintaining the company client file and discuss ways to add future items to the client file.

General User Training

Recommended Account Administrator Training: 8 hours online or 1.5-2 days onsite

The SPIDAcalc user training will provide participants with a general working knowledge of the core elements and concepts of the structure analysis software. SPIDA trainers present material in the form of demonstrations and hands on exercises to establish a solid foundation to navigate through the SPIDAcalc interface and perform designs, analyses, and reports on your utility assets.


SPIDAmin Instructor-Led Training

Account Administrator Training

Recommended Account Administrator Training: 4 hours online or 1.5 days onsite

The Account Administrator is responsible for company and user maintenance, as well as the creation and management of workflows, forms, permission groups and user roles. The Account Administrator is commonly a contact in your company’s IT department, a manager, or simply a SPIDA user with the knowledge and skill set necessary to perform these tasks. Upon completion of Account Administrator training, participants will have the tools and skills necessary to help your organization utilize SPIDAmin to its full potential by configuring new workflows and forms, as well as adding new companies and users to SPIDAmin with the correct permissions and roles.

General User Training

Recommended Account General User Training: 8 hours online or 1.5 days onsite

In order to fully prepare users to utilize SPIDAmin for their real world tasks, general user training takes place in a training environment that is an exact replica of the company’s production environment. Users train with the same workflows, forms and general settings that they will encounter when using SPIDAmin for actual projects. Participants of general user training will see demonstrations of mock projects running through their specific workflows and will have the opportunity to create and manage mock projects of their own.