May 26, 2021

This solution, based on SBS Utility DataHub™, reduces overbuild and duplicate entry of utility overhead designs.  It utilizes SBS’s robust AUD software, powered by AutoCAD, to optimize network designs while validating the designs using SPIDAcalc’s advanced nonlinear analysis methods.


Improving system reliability and streamlining design processes ensures that unnecessary expenses and time are reduced with this powerful integrated solution.

Key features include:

  • Accessibility to Pole Loading Analysis Results
    • Analyze AUD design features in SPIDAcalc
  • Get results, quickly
    • Access analysis results from SPIDAcalc within AUD
  • Streamline design modifications
    • Easily transfer guy and anchor modifications from SPIDAcalc to AUD
  • Analysis reports
    • Generate pole loading reports from within AUD

Learn More about the SBS and SPIDA® Software Partnership here.

Learn more about the SBS here.

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