Combine the ease-of-use of Automated Utility Design (AUD) with the powerful analysis of SPIDAcalc to efficiently and safely optimize your overhead utility and telecommunications designs.

The integration provides a highly functional yet simple approach to validate AUD designs within SPIDAcalc and is enabled via the analysis module of SBS Utility DataHub™. While workflows at different utilities may vary, the process typically involves the following:

  • Within AUD a designer lays out pole locations, future services, transformers, and other key elements of the design project.  
  • Once designed in AUD, it can be sent to SPIDAcalc for verification and analysis. SPIDAcalc verifies the framing and analyzes all components of the design, providing the user with detailed analysis results and the opportunity to make revisions if necessary. After analysis, designs and results are exported to AUD where it can be accessed via the Project Viewer.
  • Designs that have passed analysis in SPIDAcalc are displayed in AUD, while features that may have capacity issues, such as guying elements, will display a warning.  Selecting a feature with a warning will display the pole loading attributes on the Dashboard.
  • Within this window, users can see all the poles available from SPIDAcalc in AUD and all the analysis results from different components such as guys, insulators, and the pole itself.

Users of the SBS Utility DataHub and SPIDAcalc integration with AUD can ensure that they can perform the advanced analysis that is available within SPIDAcalc while taking advantage of the easy-to-use, AutoCAD-based interface of Automated Utility Design™.  

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SBS intelligent design solutions help utility and telecom organizations leverage the power of their investments in utility networks, GIS, CAD, and enterprise systems. The company has helped hundreds of utility, telecommunications, and AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) firms achieve real benefits with dramatic increases in productivity. With offices in Denver, Colorado and Melbourne, Australia, SBS provides expert-level consulting skills and extensive experience in working with the unique engineering aspects of critical, networked infrastructure.

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