To enhance the value our customers get from their SPIDA products, SPIDA has developed and maintains a large portfolio of integration tools. Whether you are looking to improve user experience, remotely interact with your SPIDA products, or to help you simplify a specific task, below you will find some common integration points to get you started.


SPIDAexchange Files

The SPIDAexchange project format used by SPIDAcalc and SPIDAstudio is open, human readable, and well-documented. This format gives integrators access to every piece of functionality in SPIDAcalc – from attachments and assemblies to loading analysis results.

Command-line Interface

SPIDAcalc provides a command-line tool, calc-cli, that allows any type of file that can be opened by SPIDAcalc to be analyzed without launching the software. This tool supports local and cloud analysis.

Cloud Analysis

With cloud analysis, SPIDAcalc designs can be analyzed in the cloud over a REST API. Cloud analysis also provides a web-based results viewer.

Remote Control API and REST Service

When SPIDAcalc is running, it also operates a small web server that will only accept requests from the local computer. Integrating applications can interact with SPIDAcalc via this API which does not require an active internet connection. It works in the field! This service allows users to open and save projects, export project data, run scripts and reports, and query client engineering data.

Map Layers

SPIDAcalc supports OSM and WMS map layers. It comes with three preconfigured Esri base maps with an overlay to show stations in SPIDAstudio. You can configure a different base layer or add overlay layers by configuring them in the map.groovy file that is installed with SPIDAcalc.



SPIDAstudio’s Project API can be used to create projects, retrieve projects, and interact with projects or parts of projects.


SPIDAstudio’s User API can be used to create, update, delete, and query users.


SPIDAstudio’s Asset API can be used to create and interact with stations and other assets.

Design Storage

SPIDAstudio’s Design Storage API allows integrating applications to interact directly with the SPIDAcalc pole and location data stored in SPIDAstudio. Additionally, this pole and location data is available as a Web Feature Service (WFS) for complex querying.


Webhooks allow an integrating application to listen for and respond to activities such as project creation, status changes, updates to forms, etc. as they occur in SPIDAstudio.


Integrating applications can trigger any of the workflow actions in SPIDAstudio.

Common Integration Patterns

Staking Tool Integration Workflow

  • Design in Staker
  • Generate SPIDAexchange file using input assemblies
  • (Optional) Analyze using calc-cli
  • (Optional) Show pass/fail analysis results in Staker
  • (Optional) Show embedded results view in Staker
  • Open project in SPIDAcalc; remediate and analyze
  • (Optional) Pull changes back into Staker
  • (Optional) Push SPIDAexchange file into SPIDAstudio Design Storage

Data Collection Tool (Lidar, Mobile App) Workflow

  • Collect data from field
  • Generate SPIDAexchange file including locations, structure models, and photos
  • Open project in SPIDAcalc
  • Analyze using cloud analysis
  • Remediate project
  • Push SPIDAexchange file into SPIDAstudio Design Storage

Mobile Pole Inspection Tool Workflow

  • Collect pole damage information in field
  • Generate SPIDAexchange model of damage in mobile app
  • Use cloud analysis REST services to analyze remaining section modulus in field
  • Remediate pole damage
  • (Optional) Push SPIDAexchange file into SPIDAstudio Design Storage

Utility Custom SPIDAstudio Deployment

  • GIS Layers are connected to SPIDAstudio for viewing
  • Custom workflow actions push updates to GIS systems
  • Integration pieces listen on webhooks, or can be driven directly by customized actions, for project status updates and fire off actions in SAP or similar work management system
  • Reporting scripts query Design Storage WFS or Design Storage REST services for custom billing and work reports

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