SPIDA solutions leverage two core software components: SPIDAcalc and SPIDAstudio. And with the addition of SPIDAsilk, our suite of products has everything you need to build a better grid.

Workflow management and data storage

SPIDAstudio is our cloud-based platform, developed for asset owners and contractors to centrally document and manage the activities on, as well as the physical health and condition of, their overhead system.

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Desktop pole design and analysis

SPIDAcalc makes it straightforward to collect, model, and optimize overhead T&D assets, providing organizations transparency and control over design, material specification, and analysis methods. Using SPIDAcalc increases system integrity, ensures reliable service, reduces safety concerns, and optimizes overhead financial investments.

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Wire sag and tension analysis

SPIDAsilk is a standalone product designed for industry professionals to produce precise wire tensions and conductor installation charts.


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