Build Confidence in Your Overhead Distribution System with SPIDA Software

The utility industry is facing a rapidly changing environment and as a result, it is more important than ever for utilities to better understand the structural health and integrity of their overhead systems and processes. Asset management solutions available in today’s market are often centralized, siloed solutions, which provide barriers to rapid asset health information accessibility and reusability. Without a centralized platform, utilities are exposed to a variety of problems, resulting in a loss of confidence in the integrity of their overhead systems, which can lead to financial misspends, unreliable service, and safety concerns.

SPIDA Software’s Structure Management System addresses the industry’s need for a comprehensive asset management platform utility organizations and their contractors can rely on for the design, analysis, and management of their overhead system. This solution is cost-effective, suitable for organizations of all sizes, and was developed by a leadership team with roots in both the utility and engineering industries.

SPIDA’s Structure Management System encompasses our industry-leading software products, including SPIDAcalc for structural analysis and SPIDAstudio for comprehensive asset management.

SPIDA’s Structure Management System is Suitable for the Following:


SPIDA’s Structure Management System can be Deployed Independently or as an Enterprise Suite

Increase system integrity with SPIDAcalc, the industry’s leading structural analysis and design software. Using its powerful nonlinear, finite-element analysis engine to perform comprehensive pole loading, pole strength, and clearance analyses, SPIDAcalc is used to evaluate damages and ensure standards compliance.

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The first-ever scalable, cloud-based platform to centrally document and manage the physical health and condition of overhead distribution systems, SPIDAstudio provides a single platform to analyze, track, store and retrieve the physical characteristics of the entire overhead system.

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