Build Confidence in Your Overhead Distribution System with SPIDA Software

The utility industry is facing a rapidly changing environment, including unprecedented storms, increased regulatory scrutiny, stringent safety code requirements, an aging infrastructure, expanding communication infrastructure, grid modernization, and resiliency programs. To minimize the negative effects of these changes, utility companies need to better understand the structural health and integrity of their systems and processes.

SPIDA Software’s Structure Management System addresses the industry’s need for a comprehensive platform to manage the lifecycle of overhead assets. Unlike traditional asset management solutions, SPIDA’s Structure Management System is scalable and targeted at the challenges presented by today’s changing climate. Whether it is leveraging the digital twin of each asset to drive efficiencies across other organizations or managing the complex interactions at the asset level; SPIDA’s Structure Management System builds confidence in your overhead distribution system.

SPIDA’s Structure Management System encompasses our industry-leading software products, including SPIDAcalc for structural analysis and SPIDAstudio for comprehensive asset management.

SPIDA’s Structure Management System is Ideal for the Following:


Structural Engineering Coupled with Strategic Management of Utility Asset Data

SPIDA Software’s Structure Management System can be deployed independently or as an enterprise suite.

SPIDAcalc is the industry’s leading structural analysis and design software. Using its powerful geometric nonlinear, finite-element analysis engine to perform comprehensive pole loading, pole strength, and clearance analyses, SPIDAcalc brings awareness to asset health and ensures safety code compliance.

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SPIDAstudio is the first scalable, cloud-based platform to centrally document and manage the physical health and condition of overhead distribution systems. Providing a single platform to manage work processes and analyze and track data, SPIDAstudio streamlines your business and optimizes your investment in overhead assets.

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