Increase System Integrity with SPIDAcalc: Take the Mystery Out of Pole Loading

Utility companies and their contractors are required and committed to ensuring the safety and reliability of their overhead assets, yet they often struggle to develop consistent processes needed to accomplish these goals. Traditional methods of overhead pole loading are manual, tedious and time-consuming, often involving quite a bit of guesswork. As a result, organizations lose confidence in the integrity of their system, leading to financial misspends, unreliable service, and safety concerns.

No longer treating pole loading software as a black box, SPIDAcalc – v7.0 Jumper makes it straightforward to model, analyze and optimize overhead T&D assets. SPIDAcalc gives organizations transparency, control and sophistication through integration and flexibility on collection, material specification and analysis methods. Using SPIDAcalc increases system integrity, ensures reliable service, reduces safety concerns, and optimizes overhead financial investments.

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Superior User Interface

SPIDAcalc boasts a configurable layout that users can tailor to their individual needs. Customize your individual experience with configurable workspaces that can be extended onto multiple monitors and saved for future use. Quickly create overhead designs using drag-and-drop menu selections with one of several views, including an interactive 3D View, a pan/profile Graphic View, a Table View, or right on the map. Design can be find-tuned using the integrated photo measuring tool for attachment heights and the Advisor will help you optimize your designs.

Cloud-Based Analysis

With the ability to analyze an entire project simultaneously by sending it to the cloud, SPIDAcalc provides the scalable horsepower to handle the analysis of 1 pole or 100,000 poles in a matter of minutes by using cloud-based analysis. As the newest solution within the SPIDAstudio platform, cloud-based analysis streamlines integrated software solutions, increases productivity, reduces hardware costs, and uses the same engine as SPIDAcalc, therefore yielding the same results.

Robust Analysis Layout

Built on the industry’s leading geometric nonlinear analysis engine, SPIDAcalc provides robust analysis reporting including an interactive 3D model showing stresses and displacements and an innovative 360° radar chart feature.


Lead and wire connectivity shatters an industry norm by eliminating the repetitive modeling of individual structures. A connected environment provides greater efficiency by allowing users to quickly create, add, and modify an entire pole line.


Quickly create pole designs by using one or more standard or user-defined assemblies. Assemblies can be added to one pole or an entire lead at once, exponentially reducing the time to design pole lines.