Take the Mystery Out of Pole Loading with the Latest Version of SPIDAcalc

SPIDA Software is prepared to revolutionize the industry with SPIDAcalc – v7.0 Jumper. No longer treating pole loading software as a black box, SPIDAcalc Jumper makes it straightforward to model, analyze, and optimize overhead T&D assets. The next generation of SPIDAcalc showcases an all-new user interface and extensive new features, designed to vastly improve overall customer usability and increase productivity.

The development of SPIDAcalc Jumper focused heavily on improving user experience and making the software more intuitive. Inspired by feedback gained from existing clients, SPIDAcalc Jumper boasts a configurable layout, allowing users to tailor the software to their individual needs.

With leaderships roots in both the engineering and utility industries, SPIDA Software took a unique approach to the development of SPIDAcalc Jumper. In addition to the complete user interface redesign, SPIDA’s engineering team developed new features designed to tackle the complex challenges of utility life.

SPIDA Software recognizes that a utility’s success is measured by reducing time spent on projects and increasing productivity. Aging infrastructure, increase regulatory oversight, the explosion of broadband deployments, and limited personnel resources have forced utilities to reevaluate current process and look for innovative solutions. SPIDAcalc Jumper empowers utility organizations and their contractors to be more effective and efficient in their pole loading analysis.

What’s New with SPIDAcalc Jumper?

All-New User Interface

SPIDAcalc boasts a configurable layout that users can tailor to their individual needs. Customize your individual experience with configurable workspaces that can be extended onto multiple monitors and saved for future use. Quickly create overhead designs using drag-and-drop menu selections with one of several views, including an interactive 3D View, a pan/profile Graphic View, a Table View, or right on the map.

Cloud-Based Analysis

With the ability to analyze an entire project simultaneously by sending it to the cloud, SPIDAcalc provides the scalable horsepower to handle the analysis of 1 pole or 100,000 poles in a matter of minutes. Cloud-based analysis is SPIDA’s newest solution within the SPIDAstudio, a scalable, online platform for asset owners and contractors to centrally document and manage the physical health and condition of their overhead system.

Refreshed Analysis Layout

Built on the industry’s leading geometric nonlinear analysis engine, SPIDAcalc provides robust analysis reporting including an interactive 3D model showing stresses and displacements and an innovative 360° radar chart feature.


Lead and wire connectivity shatters an industry norm by eliminating the repetitive modeling of individual structures. A connected environment provides greater efficiency by allowing users to quickly create, add, and modify an entire pole line.


Quickly create pole designs by using one or more standard or user-defined assemblies. Assemblies can be added to one pole or an entire lead at once, exponentially reducing the time to design pole lines.