Make the Most of Your Pole Loading Data with Comprehensive Asset Management Software Solutions

Traditional pole loading and pole inspections are important utility practices, but after completion, the data is often discarded or underutilized for future utility work. In an effort to make confident, reliable and cost-effective decisions, utility organizations need a platform to effectively manage the vast, complex data associated with the physical characteristics of the assets. Without a comprehensive asset management system, it is nearly impossible to do so.

SPIDA Software is prepared to revolutionize the utility industry with the release of SPIDAstudio, the first-ever scalable, cloud-based platform developed for asset owners and contractors to centrally document and manage the physical health and condition of their overhead system. This easily accessible solution creates a digital model of overhead pole assets, which can be reused and repurposed across all facets of the organization.

SPIDAstudio is Comprised of the Following Cloud-Based Solutions

Asset Management

SPIDAmin: Solutions to Manage the Programs, Projects and the Life-Cycle of Assets

SPIDAmin Asset Management Software is a cloud-based, workflow driven application designed by industry experts to help utilities manage the multitude of processes involving their poles and other assets.

From tracking simple notifications to managing complex pole attachment processes, SPIDAmin’s powerful automation tools will help standardize and streamline necessary communications between parties, track project-related milestones including FCC deadlines, collect necessary data for billing and reporting, and much more.

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Online Analysis

SPIDAcee: Scalable, Cloud-Based Analysis Engine

SPIDA’s newest solution within the SPIDAstudio platform, Cloud-Based Analysis provides the scalable horsepower to handle the analysis of 1 pole or 100,000 poles in a matter of minutes. Features of cloud analysis include:

  • Streamlines integrated software solutions
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction of hardware costs
  • Uses the same engine as SPIDAcalc, and therefore yields the same results

Data Storage

SPIDAdb: Centralized Design Storage & Management

With Data Storage, utilities have the ability to store, and therefore reuse, all asset data, conditions and analysis results. With a direct connection so SPIDAcalc, utilities can retrieve data for reuse or revisit at any time.

In addition, Data Storage provides an open standard for strong asset data and flexible APIs that can be used to connect any utility’s reporting tools and in-house applications, such as GIS and SPIDAmin, to fit a variety of business need. Data Storage provides utilities with unparalleled access to information about their assets and system that was not possible before.

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