Take Control of Your Data: A Practical Way to Store and Retrieve SPIDA-Generated Data

SPIDA clients are using SPIDAcalc more than ever – generating hundreds, if not thousands, of project files and pole designs that are stored across individual computers and company servers. Grab the reins over your SPIDA data with SPIDAdb, which connects directly to SPIDAcalc for fast and easy access to all your company’s SPIDA data! Users now have a practical way to store and search all SPIDA-generated data while being able to easily import previous designs directly into their SPIDAcalc project.

SPIDAdb provides the foundation utilities need to take control of their data and use it in an effective and efficient manner. With SPIDAdb, utilities can store and retrieve all SPIDA-generated data in one centralized location. Users simply search by location or project to find all relevant data stored within SPIDAdb. Easy drag-and-drop functionality imports and exports any design or project data directly into SPIDAcalc. Within the SPIDAcalc application, the project files can be reused, referenced or edited at any time. Now, the complexity of managing, organizing and sorting mounds of data is streamlined in SPIDAdb’s powerful data storage system.

In addition, SPIDAdb provides an open standard for storing asset data and flexible APIs that can be used to connect any utility’s reporting tools and in-house applications, such as GIS and SPIDAmin, to fit a variety of business needs. SPIDAdb goes one step further to give utilities unparalleled access to information about their assets and system that wasn’t possible before.