Solutions to Manage the Programs, Projects and Life-Cycle of Overhead Distribution Assets

Many utilities lack the technology to streamline and automate three keys to success in any business – communication, structure of process and organization. Your business likely falls into this category if it is guilty of any of the following:

  • Status calls and meetings to give stakeholders insight into project statuses
  • The processes involving your assets lack a coherent structure
  • You or the parties with whom you do business struggle to meet and/or track project deadlines
  • Managing processes through email or cumbersome work management systems.

Luckily, there is a simple solution.

For years, proactive utilities have decided to say goodbye to the chaos, and have chosen to introduce structure and automation to their asset management with SPIDAmin – the industry-leading asset management solution.

Utilities can begin initiating and tracking projects from start to finish in SPIDAmin using our standard, pre-configured workflows, or workflows designed and configured specifically for your unique business processes. The system coordinates project communication, tracks all project statuses and events, stores project-related forms and files in one easy to use location, and provides powerful reporting tools for users analyzing and querying project data.

Features of SPIDAmin


All-New Dashboard

Brand new dashboard tables help prioritize and organize your work.

Table View

Innovative Table View

In addition to new data columns, Table View now provides the ability to edit statuses, filter on form data, edit multiple forms simultaneously, export form data en-masse, and enhances your ability to track activity on the pole-level.




New Workflow Tools

Our growing list of workflow actions brings even more automation to your business, and the new concept of “Phases” enhances your ability to report and track your projects.


Improved Communication

Project and station remarks now have @mentions, allowing communication directly to other users’ inboxes.

Activity at the Pole

Pole-Level Activity

With the help of the new features of Table View, and the new ability to assign users to poles in addition to projects, it’s now easier than ever to manage and track activity on the pole level.