Bring Calm to the Chaos with SPIDAmin

Utility organizations want to efficiently manage their joint use programs and pole assets, but often struggle to find structured, reliable, and cost-effective solutions. Traditional methods of joint use notification and asset management are often antiquated, inefficient, and time-consuming. Consequently, organizations end up with processes that make it difficult to track and manage their joint use program. Luckily, there is a simple solution.

For years, proactive utilities have decided to bring calm to the chaos and have structured and automated their asset management processes with SPIDAmin – the industry leading cloud-based asset management solution. Unlike traditional work and asset management systems, SPIDAmin is tailored for utilities of all sizes and offers a comprehensive software solution which couples notifications and the entire make ready engineering process on one unified platform.

SPIDAmin solves challenges traditional solutions cannot by coordinating and managing the business processes around utility assets by facilitating communication with external parties including pole attachers, municipalities, regulatory agencies, and other organizations. Users are provided with standard workflows for processes such as One Touch Make Ready or custom developed workflows. Utilities can initiate and track all project statuses and events, store project-related forms and files in one easily accessible location, and access powerful reporting tools needed to analyze and query project data.