December 5, 2019

SPIDA® Software Reveals SPIDAcalc v7.2 – Arrow. Featuring SPIDAstudio Integration Enhancements for the Strategic Management of Asset Lifecycle Data

Gahanna, OH, – SPIDA® Software Reveals SPIDAcalc v7.2 – Arrow. SPIDA Software, the trusted industry provider of structural analysis software and the first Structure Management System for utilities, is proud to announce SPIDAcalc v7.2 – Arrow, the latest release of its infrastructure analysis software.

Utilities and Telecommunication companies often have limited key asset information about their distribution grid when making critical decisions regarding safety, hardening, optimization, modernization, and design. Additionally, many organizations do not have this asset data formally integrated within their enterprise systems.

SPIDAcalc v7.2 – Arrow empowers organizations to centralize a digital twin representation of their physical assets through the power of SPIDAstudio, a cloud-based platform providing central design storage for SPIDAcalc files. Arrow provides a complete, turn-key solution to make infrastructure data searchable, reusable, and readily available when needed for future projects or reporting needs.

Arrow connects GIS systems to SPIDAstudio, presenting users across an organization with the trusted data needed to create SPIDAcalc projects. When connected to SPIDAstudio, projects created in SPIDAcalc v7.2 – Arrow have the ability to follow a configured process: assigning designated personnel at each stage of design, quality control, and acceptance to ensure that valid data is ultimately stored in SPIDAstudio.

Making data related to infrastructure health and safety an integral part of utility priorities including wildfire mitigation, grid modernization, joint use, and other attachment activities, creates a safer and more resilient grid. As a user-friendly unified platform, SPIDA allows you to organize your data and assets securely.

“With this release, we are providing a strategy and path forward for our customers to better manage their overhead infrastructure – embodying the principles of Structure Management,” said Brett Willitt, President of SPIDA Software. “Historically, pole loading has been a transactional event, but by strategically managing the structural analysis and the reusable digital twin that is created, our customers have a sustainable way to achieve confidence in safety code compliance, risk mitigation through asset health awareness and optimization of overhead financial investments.”

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About SPIDA Software

Serving the electric and telecommunication industries since 2007, SPIDA Software’s cost-effective Structure Management System is a unique platform developed to create a digital twin of utility overhead systems and a centralized portal for the coordination of activities including joint use and engineering. The platform includes SPIDAcalc, the industry’s trusted structural analysis software, and SPIDAstudio, the first-ever scalable, on-demand platform for the oversight of activity, analysis, and management of asset structural health. SPIDA Software’s solutions are developed and supported by a knowledgeable, passionate staff with extensive industry experience.

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