SPIDA® Software Completes a Third Party Verification of SPIDACalc Structural Analysis Software

Originally developed in 2007, SPIDA Software’s SPIDACalc Structural Analysis Software has revolutionized the world of pole loading and continues to make its mark on the utility industry. Today, SPIDACalc is recognized as the industry’s most user-friendly, comprehensive software solution in the market.

As SPIDACalc continues to be adopted as the structural analysis software of choice in the United States, Canada and beyond, the team at SPIDA believes it is critical to provide our current and potential users with continued confidence and assurance in the results produced by SPIDACalc. To demonstrate this understanding, company leaders approached CIMA Canada, Inc. and requested they perform a third party verification of SPIDACalc v6.3.0

The verification study was complete in August of 2016, and the study verified three aspects of SPIDACalc’s analysis:

  1. The software’s interpretation and application of the CSA C22.3 NO 1-15 standard
  2. The geometrically non-linear analysis of single pole structure under fixed load
  3. The geometrically non-linear analysis of single pole structures including load non-linearity cause by wire elasticity (with tension updates)

SPIDA customers can obtain more details on the verification, as well as CIMA Canada, Inc.’s finding, by going to the Support page on the SPIDA website and completing a support ticket.

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