SPIDA Tech: A Must-Attend Event
for All SPIDA Users!

In the fall of 2013, the SPIDA Tech Conference made its debut in Columbus, Ohio. With a growing user base, the team at SPIDA Software recognized the need for an event that would bring together users from the United States, Canada and the Caribbean and to educate users and prospective users on SPIDA products.

Since its inauguration, SPIDA has expanded the conference format to include product training, roundtable discussions and provide an opportunity for attendees to voice their needs and ideas regarding future product development. Bridging the gap over multiple markets within the industry, SPIDA Tech also provides attendees with a unique networking opportunity, as it brings together individuals from different markets.

Through hands-on training, collaborative discussions and networking, SPIDA Tech attendees will gain a better understanding of the direction of SPIDA product development and become a more productive SPIDA user by being able to apply new ideas and practices back at the office.

SPIDA Tech on the Go: Bringing Training Opportunities to a City Near You!

Due to the success of the SPIDA Tech Conference in their hometown of Columbus, SPIDA decided to take the conference on the road and host similar opportunities in their customer’s backyards.

SPIDA Tech on the Go (STOTG) brings new training opportunities to cities across the United States and Canada. These traveling conferences provide attendees with valuable knowledge on SPIDA’s software solutions and a program to advance their skills as a SPIDA user that includes hands-on SPIDAcalc training. The STOTG agenda is catered to the user-base within each regional location and they are important for SPIDA users and prospective users to attend as they provide a direct way to gain valuable knowledge about SPIDA’s company philosophy, meet the team behind the software solutions, and get a first-hand look at SPIDA’s evolving product road map.

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