SPIDA Tech on the Go: 2019 Dates & Locations

SPIDA Tech on the Go is a unique opportunity that brings SPIDA training to a city near you! We will soon be announcing additional dates and locations for STOTG 2019.

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STOTG: Markham, Ontario, Canada

SPIDA Software is excited to announce the next SPIDA Tech on the Go for 2019! This 1-day training opportunity will be held on January 15th, 2019 in Markham, Ontario, and is ideal for both current and prospective users. The training will features a full day of SPIDAcalc training including Assemblies and Connectivity.

In an effort to provide you with a convenient training location, this STOTG is being held around the EDIST 2019 Conference & Exhibition, which is being held from Wednesday, January 16th to Thursday, January 18th in Markham.

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