SPIDA Tech on the Go: 2020 Dates & Locations

SPIDA Tech on the Go (STOTG) is a unique opportunity that brings SPIDA training to a city near you! Are you interested in hosting a STOTG? Fill out the location request form.

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STOTG: Markham – Registration is Now Open!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020 – Markham, Ontario, Canada

SPIDA Software is excited to host the first SPIDA Tech on the Go of 2020 on January 14th in Markham, Ontario! The event will be held at the Hilton Toronto / Markham Suites and Conference Center just north of Downtown, Toronto. Through hands-on, instructor-led training, new and experienced STOTG attendees will review training modules and learn innovative ways to use SPIDAcalc.

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Registration is Now Open!

STOTG: Tennessee- Coming Soon!

Spring 2020


STOTG: Vaughan- Coming Soon!

Fall 2020


STOTG: Tennessee – Coming Soon!

STOTG: Vaughan – Coming Soon!