Do you wonder where names like “Jumper” or “Orb Weaver” come from? With the rebranding of SPIDA Software in 2017, each of SPIDA’s SPIDAcalc product releases has been named after a unique spider species! There are currently over 30,000 identified species of spiders and we’ve selected the following to help us tell our story.


SPIDAcalc v7.0


The Bold Jumping Spider can jump as far as 50 times its body length! With the release of SPIDAcalc v7.0 – Jumper, SPIDA took a significant leap in the right direction. With the release of Jumper, SPIDA introduced a brand-new user interface, cloud-based analysis, interactive 3D modeling, quick and easy pole line modifications, and assemblies. SPIDAcalc v7.0 Jumper allowed SPIDA to extend its reach in the marketplace.



SPIDAcalc v7.1

Orb Weaver

An orb is defined as spherical and circular which relates to the introduction of the Communication Bundler feature in SPIDAcalc v7.1 – Orb Weaver. The latest version of SPIDAcalc comes with a web of enhancements including the ability to create both client and local communication bundles, new and improved assigned photo features, improved wire sag and tension tools, and the ability to search and share client files within an organization.


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