October 5, 2020

SPIDA®silk – The New Industry Standard for Sag and Tension Software

Gahanna, OH, – SPIDA Software, the trusted Structure Management Solution provider for utilities, telecommunication companies, and contractors, is excited to introduce SPIDAsilk – SPIDA’s new sag and tension software that calculates precise wire sag and tensions and produces conductor installation charts.

Eliminating manual calculations and antiquated reporting, SPIDAsilk is an easy to use, affordable platform that features a user-friendly interface designed to save users time and is equipped with Excel-based reporting. SPIDAsilk evaluates spans with elevation changes, supports stand-mounted equipment, and integrates with SPIDAcalc providing users with an easy mechanism to evaluate unique spans or crossings.

Key product features include:

  • Detailed sag and tension reporting
    • Evaluate single span and ruling spans
    • Create stringing tension reports
    • Wire reports based on code specified or custom weather cases at initial, final without creep and final with creep conditions
  • Communication bundles
    • SPIDAcalc’s easy-to-use bundling feature has been integrated into SPIDAsilk for quick definition of communication bundles and overlashing
    • Set a constraint for the complete bundle or explicitly set the initial messenger tension
    • Evaluate wire-mounted equipment
  • Identify sag measurements anywhere along the span


“SPIDAsilk has been a work in progress for several years, and we’re excited to finally bring it to market”, said Kevan Kramb, Technical Lead at SPIDA Software. “After working closely with clients and learning their biggest challenges, SPIDAsilk was developed to relieve the manual burden and outdated processes so many are accustomed to. From setting a limiting condition based upon sag, tension, or RTS limits to evaluating communication bundles with strand-mounted equipment, SPIDAsilk is a complete, comprehensive solution for the industry”.

SPIDA®silk – The New Industry Standard for Sag and Tension Software

Visit www.spidasoftware.com/spidasilk to learn more, request a quote, or request the previously recorded live SPIDAsilk Demonstration and Presentation here.

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