SPIDA is proud to introduce the newest addition to our suite of offerings — SPIDAsilk.

Whether you’re looking to evaluate the impact of new strand-mount attachments, design unique crossing scenarios, or update your stringing tables, SPIDAsilk performs precise calculations while providing the same ease of use that SPIDA is already known for.

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SPIDAsilk is a standalone product designed for industry professionals to produce precise wire tensions and conductor installation charts.

So, what does it offer?

  • Modern, user-friendly interface
  • Sag and tension reports
  • Control over limiting factors
  • Ability to set custom temperature, wind and ice conditions
  • Ability to view a wire profile
  • Advanced wire modeling with new creep calculations
  • Ability to model strand-based equipment, including 5G antennas and fiber storage units
  • Integrates with SPIDAcalc client file
  • Shares wire tension methods with SPIDAcalc for consistent wire analysis and reporting

What could SPIDAsilk do for you?

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