There’s a better way to manage your overhead infrastructure. Structure management with SPIDA provides a path forward so that instead of reacting to each crisis as it happens, you can build long-term strategies to achieve cost-efficiency and asset health.

Risk Management. Compliance. Optimization.

Increase storm resilience.

Extreme weather conditions have been escalating outages at an alarming rate in recent decades. By identifying structures at risk, SPIDA enables better decision making and strategic investments before the storm for a more resilient grid.


Repurpose data to prioritize at-risk assets.

Regular pole inspections are important – identifying assets that are no longer viable due to mechanical damage, decay, or other condition-related issues. But too often, data from these inspections is selectively used or discarded altogether. We make it easy to incorporate your data for structural evaluations, helping you prioritize at-risk assets for long-term grid sustainability.

Adapt to expanding regulatory standards.

Regulatory organizations are concerned with everyone’s safety, from utility workers to the general public; as a result, oversight is increasing industry-wide. It’s more important than ever to have comprehensive asset management policies, deep data retention, detailed reporting, and defendable engineering practice.

Be Prepared for Broadband and 5G

Our quality of life is more dependent on access to high-speed internet now, more than ever. The race to provide access to the most remote and under-served areas is governed by a set of complex and changing policy and regulation. You need a management platform that is quick to deploy, flexible and powerful; with SPIDA, you’ll have what you need.

Modernize your grid with smart, tactical investments.

The next-gen grid is coming fast, and utilities are making tactical investments to ensure that their assets have the structural integrity to support future technologies. We know the scope and importance of those investments, and we can support your success.

Prepare for a changing workforce.

Industry trends like these don’t resolve themselves. It takes a knowledgeable, work-ready team to navigate this landscape, and that’s a challenge with an aging workforce. But with the help of SPIDA training and support services, you can make sure your new hires are trained well and quickly.

Our structure management system directly addresses industry challenges by providing a centralized platform that can be used across departments within your organization.

Its purpose is to mitigate risk, ensure compliance, and optimize organization processes. Let’s see it in action.

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