While our software is known for its user-friendly design, successful adoption of any technology starts with user education. We pride ourselves on offering innovative training options for all of our applications. For example:

  • Yearly revisions to training manual based on customer feedback
  • Expanded online training options
  • Continued release of self-education materials, including videos and documentation
At SPIDA, we continuously evolve our training offerings to meet industry needs by consistently generating new material and teaching methods.

SPIDA Software Academy

Interested in learning about SPIDA on your own time and at your own pace? The SPIDA Software Academy is an online learning platform where users can complete self-guided courses featuring hands-on exercises in a variety of formats, including step-by-step instruction and video-led examples. Quizzes along the way will test your knowledge! Additional add-ons such as “Live Instructor-Led Office Hours” or “Final Exams” can be included by request and for an additional cost. New courses are added with each software release, so check our SPIDA Software Academy offerings regularly.

Current Courses include:

  • SPIDAcalc Basic + Extended Functionality
  • SPIDAsilk Basic + Extended Functionality and Practical Application/SPIDAcalc – v7.3 Golden Features Overview
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Online Training

In a modernizing world, it’s necessary to lean on alternatives to traditional training methods. SPIDA offers several training resources online to bring users up to speed quickly and affordably. Online training offers Basic Functionality and Extended Functionality course options. We use a webinar-style training, which allows students to view the trainer’s screen and to complete exercises in the provided training manual.

Due to COVID-19, SPIDA has increased our availability for online training. We understand that safety is paramount during this time, so we’ve modified our training sessions to provide trainees with as close to an onsite experience as possible. Prior to the training session, printed training materials will be distributed and during the training session, users will be able to:

  • Raise their hands or ask questions
  • Chat with the instructor or other trainees
  • Share their screen with the class
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On-site Training

SPIDA will come to you!

Our training and product specialists will travel to your office to train the users in your workforce in a one or two-day session designed to cover the topics that are most important to you. SPIDA training manuals are provided for each trainee and contain training modules selected by your organization to satisfy and cover your specific use cases.

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On your Own

We understand that some users prefer to educate themselves on their own before investing in instructor-led training. For these users, we have training material available online that you can access with your SPIDA account credentials. On our support site, you’ll find:

  • A digital user manual
  • Instructional how-to articles
  • Introductory videos to get you started with SPIDAcalc
  • Recordings of previous lunch-and-learn topics
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What Topics are Covered?

We cover a wide range of topics based on your specific SPIDAstudio deployment at your organization, which may include:

  • User Orientation: overview of the SPIDAstudio interface including Dashboard, Map, Detail, and Table views for project management, and more
  • Process Automation: walk through standard workflows or your custom workflow to educate both internal users and external parties on SPIDAstudio-driven processes
  • Design Storage and Design Retention: learn techniques to leverage your engineering and design teams’ ability to access SPIDAstudio projects directly in SPIDAcalc and as well as take advantage of SPIDAcalc data for future reporting and reuse
  • Project and Asset Searches: create and run the searches that are key to the success and timeliness of your projects and that provide management with insight into project progress and system health
  • Records and Contacts: manage third-party information such as contracts, insurance, bonds, and company contacts
  • Reports & Analytics: interpret reports and analytic graphics to optimize your asset health and reduce maintenance costs
  • Defining Roles and Managing Users: learn how to set user levels and assign roles for creating or editing workflows, forms, or permission

While we offer an extended list of topics that may be covered during training, some of the options include:

  • User Orientation: master navigating the SPIDAcalc interface
  • Project Settings and Intro to Design: examine available project settings, work with sample project files, and create your own project
  • Client File and Local Assemblies: discover the benefits of designing with assemblies and  build your own assemblies using various graphic views
  • Connectivity: learn how to build a connected pole line and how connectivity makes project editing simple and efficient
  • Advanced Project Design: complete a multi-pole project utilizing design skills acquired in beginner modules and expanding those concepts
  • Utilizing Staking Sheets and Field Notes for Design: use a staking sheet to map and build an entire pole line
  • Using Pole Images and Photo View: utilize pole images for modeling and learn how to adjust attachment heights using Photo View
  • Importing from a CSV: discover how to import pole locations using an Excel template
  • Make-Ready Design Using Comparison Tools: simplify make-ready processes using design layers and drafts

Standard SPIDAsilk curriculum includes:

  • Defining Wire Types: discover the differences between elastic and non-linear stress-strain wires
  • Setting Span Properties:  select a wire from a SPIDAcalc client file or a .wir file to establish span parameters for evaluation
  • Design Scenarios: discover and apply preconfigured weather cases based on CSA, NESC, GO95 criteria
  • Wire Profile Review: interpret the Graphic View to identify sag measurements along the span based on selected design scenarios
  • Reporting: generate a Wire Report or a Stringing Chart
  • Wire-Mounted Equipment: calculate the effect of in-line equipment on wire calculations

What could a SPIDA training do for you?

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